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Description Edit

Betty Crocker Cook Book for Girls and Boys, out of copyright

Ingredients Edit

Cake Edit

Wild Animals for Zoo Cake Edit

  • cheese cracker, for head
  • animal cracker with head cut off
  • gumdrops, for ears and tail

Egg Yolk Paint Method Edit

Chocolate Covered Animal Cracker Method Edit

Directions Edit

Zoo cake animal
  1. Bake any flavor cake mix in oblong pan as directed on package.
  2. Frost, using white frosting, making icing on top about ¼-inch thick.
  3. Press painted or chocolate-coated animal crackers against sides of cake.
  4. Fence them in with long gumdrops.
  5. Set candles in top of cake.
  6. Trim with gumdrops and silver candies.

Wild Animals for Zoo Cake Edit

Egg Yolk Paint Method Edit

  1. Paint animals with Egg Yolk Paint.
  2. Bake 3 minutes at 350°F to set egg yolk.

Chocolate Covered Animal Cracker Method Edit

Chocolate covered animal crackers
  1. Melt semi-sweet chocolate pieces with butter in a custard cup set in hot water.
  2. When chocolate is melted, take from heat and stir with fork until thoroughly blended.
  3. Drop crackers, one at a time into chocolate mixture.
  4. Lift out with fork, draining off excess, and lay on waxed paper to harden before using.

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