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Description Edit

Spiced olives. This recipe is for 6 servings.

Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Either leave as they are, or cut 3 to 4 slits in each with a fine-bladed, stainless steel knife or razor blade.
  2. Discard any damaged .
  3. Pack into sterilized glass jar or jars, and cover with cold water.
  4. Soak for 3 days, changing water each day.
  5. Measure last amount of water.
  6. Measure same amount of fresh water into a pan and add rock salt in the proportion of ⅓ cup to each 4 cups water.
  7. Heat and stir until salt dissolves.
  8. Cool.
  9. Pack chilis into jar or jars, placing them amongst the .
  10. Pour cool brine on top, filling jars.
  11. Remove any air bubbles and seal with plastic lid.
  12. Store in a cool, dark place for 5 months before using.
  13. To serve, remove required amount of and rinse under cold water.
  14. Drain and place in a bowl.
  15. Squeeze on the juice of a lemon and pour on ¼ cup olive oil.
  16. Stir to blend and leave for an hour or two before serving.

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