White round potato

About White Round Potato Edit

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A variety of potato that is more evenly round and a bit smaller than the russet potato. The white round potato a medium level of starch, which is less starch than the russet and a finer texture. With a white colored, dense flesh, this potato provides a creamy textured result after being cooked, producing meat that holds its shape well. White round potatoes are best suited to boiling than baking so it is a good choice for making mashed potatoes.

Potatoes' skins come in the colors brown, yellow, pink, red, and purple (sometimes called "blue"). Their flesh may appear white or may reflect the color of the skin. The market calls small types "fingerlings" or "new" potatoes, larger potatoes may class as "earlies" or "main crop", with the "main crop" referring to varieties that will store well.

White round potato Recipes Edit

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