UPDATE: Round One is now closed! Click HERE to vote in Round Two.

2016 battle of the fantasy foods blog header

The nominations are in: Let the 4th Annual Battle of the Fantasy Foods commence!

Wikia communities have spoken, hundreds of nominations have been tallied, and the battle is just beginning. 64 contenders will fight it out in Round One -- did your community's food nominee make it to the tournament? Now's your chance to make your fantasy food a reality!

This year's Battle of the Fantasy Foods is going to be bigger, better, and full of noms. We've had so much fun in the past, with winners like Fallout's Nuka Cola and Gravity Falls' Smile Dip making their way to Wikia's food truck.

Think your food nominee stands a chance? Cast your vote, rally your community for support, and may the best fantasy food win!

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