They say, food is for life, which literally is a fact. But in my standpoint, in an effort, what we put to make it something better adds flavor to it, makes it taste more interesting and more delicious.

In this article, we will learn how you can prepare garlic chicken to make it taste even more delicious and mouth watering. Below is the complete how to detail for preparing garlic chicken. So simply follow the reading to learn. Preparation details of Garlic Chicken - Before we get into our how to section, let’s note the ingredients first: •    4 boneless skinless chicken breasts

•    4 garlic cloves, minced

•    4 tablespoons brown sugar

•    1 tablespoon Infused Olive Oil

•    additional herbs and spices, as required

How tos: •    First of all, preheat the pan to 450 degree Fahrenheit to 460 degree Fahrenheit and coat it with or say, lightly brush it with infused olive oil. •    Once you are done, Fry the garlic with the infused olive oil until it gets tender.

•    After that, remove from heat and stir in brown sugar and then add some herbs and spices as desired.

•    Now place the chicken breasts in baking dish and add the garlic and brown sugar mixture to it and cover it. Make sure to add salt and pepper as per taste.

•    After that bake it uncovered for 15-30 minutes or say, cook it until juices run clear. That is it, you are done! (Note that - Cooking time will vary based on the size and thickness of your chicken).

Garlic Chicken

Garlic Chicken

So friends, as you can see, this is how you can prepare garlic chicken to give it a different taste.

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