I am looking for help to find an old time recipe from Estonia.I am not sure its exactly regarded as a dessert, but it is sweet, creamy and filled with fruit and nuts. I used to have a the best friend who was born in Estonia and raised here in Canada from a very young age. His Mom, Mary, was the best cook. and used to send us treats all the time. Everything was always delicious, but this one time, It was near Christmas, she sent us a ball of pure heaven. I am pretty sure Indrek told me she called it Bushka. Now that spelling is probably wrong, but that is close to what he called it. At the time I did ask how she made it and he wasnt really clear on the ingredients or method. I do know she put cottage cheese in cheesecloth to drain off the liquid. and it had some honey, candied fruit, nuts, rehydrated raisins that may have been soaked in brandy or something, lemon and orange zest, cinnamon and I am sure I have missed some ingredients. it has been a good many years since this experience, so I am no longer sure what all was in there. I had to ask what the base product was because it was smooth, firm, but creamy in consistency, not recognisable as cottage cheese, so I assume it was beaten after draining to make it smooth. once the ingredients were all mixed together it was again put in cheesecloth and tied tightly into a ball maybe 6 inches around, and left to set, and possibly to let it drain some more? When I received it it was quite firm, we sliced it into portions that retained the shape. and you could tell it had been tied tghtly in cheesecloth because you could see the markings left by the cloth. There was a story that accompanied this delight that it was a traditional food made specifically for after a long fast. Because it is very rich, apparantly after the fast when this was eaten and absorbed by the body it would actually produce an intoxicated state, a food buzz so to speak. If anyone can help me identify what the dish is actually called or better yet a recipe for it I would be eternally grateful. I have been kicking myself for years now that I didnt ask Mary for the recipe. I have never seen anything like it before or since.

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