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I am Pieter, a 12-year old contributor to Wikia. I live in that little, cosy country, Holland. Hopefully, I won't be picked childish, because I am highly gifted and ready to be picked adulty ;). Please correct me if I make a fault in English, it's not far from terrible :). And please, don't judge me for my English, I am learning it very fast, and especially here, in the Recipes Wikia. I hope I will have a fantastic time here, with the community of the Recipes Wikia. I am a huge cooking fan, and I am a huge fan of I am trying recipes from and if I like them, I will change them to my opinion, and I'll post them here (I know you are going to say that this is forbidden, but it's not, because I am going to say that all rights go to the member of who wrote this recipe!).

I'm not mean or something, and I won't bite if you write something to me. Hopefully you'll do if you have a question. Please contact me if you have a question! 

I hope I'll have a fantastic time with you, and I hope everyone will have a fantastic time with me. 

Greetings from Holland!

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