So many recipes have been contributed here on the Recipe Wiki, and it got me thinking about what got us all started and why we love to cook. Maybe you had a parent that was a wonderful cook and encouraged you to be an adventurous eater, even from a young age. Maybe your mom was more of a boxed and canned cook, pushing mushy vegetables at you on a nightly basis. Either way, I'm sure if we all think back, we can find our first food memory.

Were you eating or cooking? What do you think that says about why you love to cook?

My first memory? I must have been 4 or 5 years old, and it was pork chops and apple sauce. If you asked me what else was on the plate, I have no idea. All I remember is patiently watching the pork chops sizzle as my mother had them cooking in the toaster oven, and then devouring mine in small bites to make it last longer. I also remember sloppy joes around the same time. I thought they were good, but I didn't like them because they were messy. Imagine that, a 5 year-old that doesn't want to get messy. Nope, pork chops were king, and I remember asking for them as much as possible.

For me, I think that's a pretty fair reflection of why I love to cook. I love to cook because I love to eat. I also love to share, because happiness loves company. (:

So what's your memory? Sound off in the comments!

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