This menu from a Wendy's in a New York airport lists the calorie values. Photo by Flickr user: Ed Yourdon

To know or not to know. That is the question. Calories. We all know the food we eat at restaurants has them. However, now more restaurants are being required to post the calorie amounts on their menus. Will this change the eating habits of consumers?

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) will release national rules later this year that will require chains with 20 or more stores to post calorie counts for all items. The Los Angeles Times recently reported that some consumers are changing eating habits due to the calorie postings. One customer interviewed said she would not return to a restaurant in fear of not having any options that were low enough in calories for her. This reaction worries restaurateurs and has some reworking their menus to offer lower calorie items.

Not everyone will change their eating habits with the calorie postings. But what effects will this have on restaurants across the nation? Only time will tell.

What is your reaction to the new menus? Will you make any changes in your eating habits?


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