If you live in the Bay Area and haven't tried Fully Functional Cookies, you're totally missing out! There are plenty of great cookies, you say? Yes, very true; but Fully Functional Cookies combine the best parts of cookies (the texture, the taste, the sheer yumminess), with their own brand of "functionalism."


Take their Coffee Cookie for instance. It's a delicious coffee-flavored cookie with actual espresso and the caffeine equivalent of a full 16-oz cup of coffee! The awesome Cookie Department guys, (while handing me a Coffee Cookie) assured me that I would be buzzed/wired for upon consuming my coffee cookie. I can personally attest to that.

IMG 0113

The Cookie Department was showing at the Underground Market, a food vendor movement that started in San Francisco and is quickly catching on in other cities across the States. They also offered Sexy Cookie, my other favorite, Smart Cookie, and Peanut Power. These novel cookies completely live up to their name. The Smart Cookie is vegan and chock full of brain food like oatmeal, sweet potato, and cranberries, while Peanut Power is hands down the most delicious "protein bar" I've ever had. It packs 10g of protein! And Sexy Cookie? Well aside from being plain delicious, it has cheeky potential.

Check out our gallery of cookies, courtesy of The Cookie Department, and my personal pictures from the Underground Market!


These guys are available on Facebook and @CookieDept. Rumors are that they might have a gourmet ice cream truck this summer but until then you can buy the cookies here! Will you be trying Fully Functional Cookies? You tell us!

Kate.moon 06:15, June 12, 2011 (UTC)

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