Frugal cooking

Everything is becoming more and more costly, and food is no exception. When you buy groceries for your family, you need to think of buying enough food to last for at least 2 weeks, but how do you do that. The best way to make your money and your food last is to make big meals so you have leftovers so you can freeze them. Buying things in bulk such as meat products and breads can be very good because you can make smaller packages when you get home and then freeze them. And do not forget to check all of your local super markets in your area and their flyers that they send out in the mail. Always look for the best deal and you do not have to buy the name brand products to get the better taste.

Buying things in bulk is a great way to save money and feed your family for a long time. Let’s say you normally buy hamburger by the pound and it costs an average of $3.00 dollars a pound and then you see bulk hamburger in a 5 pound package for $2.50 a pound, which would be the better buy? The bulk hamburger would because you get 5 pounds of meat for $12.50 instead of $15 dollars for the same amount. So you would have to do some more work when you get home to repackage the hamburger into smaller packages, but you just saved $2.50 on one item that you purchase anyway. Look for vegetables and fruits because you can always freeze them for later.

Now that you have bought all of that food for a bargain, now you need to think ahead and cook meals for the future. If you think bigger meals, you can freeze them and then if you are in a rush or forgot to take anything out for supper, all you have to do is to take one of the meals you have already cooked and put it into the microwave. Now you have a home cooked meal that took you 12 minutes to cook. It looks like you slaved away in the kitchen all day making the meal and no-one has to know the truth.

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