I opened a bottle of tamarind concentrate I bought at an Asian market a while back, to make sure to use it before it expired, and so I went in search of recipes I could use it in. I came across the following one by Karen Hursh Graber. It's a really superb dish and the recipe is very well-written so I don't think that I can do any better justice to it here on Recipes Wiki, so I'll just link to it in this blog post:

Tamarind Chicken: Pollo al Tamarindo by Karen Hursh Graber

Graber, Karen Hursh. Tamarind Chicken: Pollo al Tamarindo. Mexconnect. 2011-03-03. URL: Accessed: 2011-03-03. (Archived by WebCite here: [1])

I found it helpful to prepare the beurre manié and the chicken stock, which I was making from a bouillon cube, ahead of time. It really is a nice, well-written recipe, and I feel as though it improved my cooking skills to prepare this dish.

I also modified the recipe a bit, by throwing in some sliced white button mushrooms at the same time I added the wine to the skillet; they cooked quite nicely and were a good addition to the sauce. The spare sauce left after the meal was over was worth saving.

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