• Cumin the barbarian

    I just posted my own extraordinary rendition of this recipe as Sweet and Sour Pork Chops II. This blog post is sort of an addendum to it.

    It came from page 97 of the classic American community-written cookbook Forum Feasts, 1973 edition, 1980 printing. A 1997 edition of this book has and its description mentions that it was "Inducted into the Walter S. McIlhenny Community Cookbook Hall of Fame with more than 300,000 copies sold." Further notes read, "The Forum Feasts cookbook originated in 1968 as a fundraiser for The Forum School. This day school for autistic & other developmentally disabled children continues to directly benefit from the sales of this wonderful book."

    The original list of ingredients is,

    The descriptive quote about the r…

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  • Cumin the barbarian

    I opened a bottle of tamarind concentrate I bought at an Asian market a while back, to make sure to use it before it expired, and so I went in search of recipes I could use it in. I came across the following one by Karen Hursh Graber. It's a really superb dish and the recipe is very well-written so I don't think that I can do any better justice to it here on Recipes Wiki, so I'll just link to it in this blog post:

    Tamarind Chicken: Pollo al Tamarindo by Karen Hursh Graber

    Graber, Karen Hursh. Tamarind Chicken: Pollo al Tamarindo. Mexconnect. 2011-03-03. URL: Accessed: 2011-03-03. (Archived by here: [1])

    I found it helpful to prepare the beurre manié and the chicken st…

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  • Cumin the barbarian

    Nuts are Good! Inc., formerly known as the Fresh Roasted Almond Company, is an online retailer out of Michigan in the United States. They sell nuts, beans, grains, dried fruit, candies, and snacks in bulk quantities, wholesale and to the public. Web searches will return many mentions of them: a Wall Street Journal article,"Almond Business Expands Its Identity To Kick-Start Growth" (July 31, 2007) for example, and see also their Media Fact Sheet. Their web site address is

    I have ordered from them several times during the past year and had an overall positive experience. Shipping has been timely and the food was clearly labeled and double-bagged. All items, including the special items on sale, were of high quality a…

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