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National Liqueur Day

Asnow89 October 15, 2014 User blog:Asnow89

National Liqueur Day is October 16... so let's celebrate! Check out our complete menu with dinner recipes, dessert recipes, and cocktails- all featuring different types of liqueurs. This is the perfect way to warm up during those chilly Fall months. Enjoy!

  1. Veal Chops à l'Orange
  2. Drunken Artichokes
  3. Bittersweet Farm Chicken
  4. Southern Comfort-glazed Carrots
  5. Scottish Wild Salmon Steaks in Avocado and Fennel Sauce

Don't forget to check out our:

  1. Liqueur Dinner Dishes
  2. Liqueur Desserts
  3. Liqueur Cocktails

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