The 2014 Oscars are almost here! They air this coming Sunday, so get ready by cooking up a meal inspired by one of the Best Picture nominees. So many great movies...and more importantly, so many delicious food pairings. Enjoy!

American Hustle

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Italian food is prominent in American Hustle, which stars Christian Bale and Amy Adams, so enjoy this all-Italian meal while watching the 2014 Oscars.

12 Years a Slave

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Take a trip to the South with this all Southern menu, which features some classic Southern dishes in addition to berries- which are a prominent part of the film because Solomon writes his freedom letter with berry juice.

Captain Phillips

Enjoy these Somalian dishes to honor the movie Captain Phillips, in which a ship was taken over by Somalian pirates.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Live in luxury like the men in The Wolf of Wall Street. Eat lobster like Jordan Belfort and dig into these powdered sugar dusted ("cocaine dusted") beignets.


Maybe don't eat space food like the astronauts but instead enjoy these dishes which feature Russian vodka, which is mentioned in the movie several time, and the cloud-like dessert, which will remind you of being in space.


Dig into pizza like Theodore does on his carnival date. We also added cupcakes to the menu because he buys cupcakes in Amy's video game.

Dallas Buyers Club

DBC 05212 R a l
We were inspired by Ron Woodruff's steak house dinner for this meal. Enjoy this good ol' Texas feast.

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