Here are some great healthy recipes to help you stay fit and healthy in the new year. We are focusing on seasonal salads, soups, roasted meats, and more to get you through those chilly winter months. Enjoy!

1. Kale And Bean Soup
TIP: Kale is one of the healthiest superfoods.

Stew-kale-white-bean 300

2. Simple Tofu Casserole
TIP: Tofu is packed with nutrients. Soft tofu is actually lower in fat than hard tofu!

Namely Marly Tofu Cheesy Rice Casserole1

3. Cool Cauliflower Salad
TIP: Use brown rice instead of basmati rice.


4. Cracked Wheat Salad
TIP: Use whatever you have on hand- quinoa, farro, or bulghur!


5. Grilled Halibut and Slivered Vegetable Salad
TIP: Buy a grilling pan so you can cook indoors during the winter but still enjoy grill lines and the extra flavor!


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