This week, Miguel asked:
"Dear Ari,

My CSA keeps including sheep's stomachs in my monthly boxes. Thing is, I'm so sick of haggis! Is there anything else I can do with them?

Sincerely, Miguel"

Dear Miguel,
That is a great question! Most chefs automatically resort to making Haggis when they have sheep's stomachs. There are a limited amount of recipes out there but my best advice is to experiment yourself. Find a recipe or two that might call for cow's stomach (these recipes can be easier to find). Switch out the cow's stomach with the sheep's stomach and see if you can follow the rest of the instructions accordingly.

Make sure you rinse the sheep's stomach very thoroughly. I would recommend soaking it overnight in cold salted water so that it is less tough. It is very important that the stomach is thoroughly washed.

I have two fun recipes that you can test out the next time you get sheep's stomach in your monthly box.

The first recipe that you should try out is menudo, a spicy Mexican stew made with tripe and green chiles. In this recipe, you chop up the sheep's stomach really finely so it is easy to eat. I would recommend that you let the stew sit overnight for the flavors to really mingle. Serve this stew with tortillas, diced onions, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime.

Click here for the complete recipe...

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Another great recipe made with sheep's stomach is Stuffed Sheep Intestines & Stomachs, a dish that is similar to Haggis in that it is a stuffed stomach- but the flavor palate is very different. This recipe is made with ground lamb meat, rice, and sweet spices. Once you try this recipe, you won't be able to go back to eating Haggis...

Click here for the complete recipe...

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