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Udon noodles

Name Variations Edit

  • Japanese thick noodles
  • U-Dong
  • kal guksu

About Udon Edit

Wikipedia Article About Udon on Wikipedia Udon (Hiragana:うどん; Kanji:饂飩, rarely 餛飩; Traditional Chinese:烏冬, sometimes 烏冬麵) is a type of thick wheat-based noodle popular in Korean and Japanese cuisine. Udon is said to have been imported to Japan from China in the 6th century. This original udon was 2 to 3 cm in diameter, a flat pancake-shaped "noodle" added to miso-based soup. In modern Chinese, the characters 餛飩 refer to wonton dumplings, not noodles. (Compare pasta, which can be both noodle-like and dumpling-like.)

Recipes Edit

Udon RecipesEdit

Culinary directory of recipes for cooking udon.

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Udon Recipe Category Edit

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