Turkey Patties 'n' potatoes

Makes 4 to 6 Servings

in Medium Bowl, Combine Stuffing Mix, butter And cranberry sauce; Let Stand 2 Minutes, Until Stuffing Mix Absorbs Liquid. Stir in Turkey Until Mixed. Form Mixture Into Oval Patties.

in Large Skillet, Heat oil Over Medium-High Heat. Add Patties; Cook Until Browned, About 3 Minutes on Each Side. Remove Patties; Keep Warm. Remove And Discard Drippings in Skillet. in Same Skillet, Combine Potato Slices And Seasoning Packet From au Gratin Mix, water And milk. Bring to Boiling; Simmer, Covered, 10 Minutes. Stir in Peas And green onions. Return Mixture to Boiling; Arrange Patties on Top. Simmer, Covered, 15 Minutes, or Until Patties Are Cooked.

if Desired, Serve With orange Slices, Sauteed Squash And Mixed Green Salad.

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