Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Drain tuna; flake with fork into small pieces.
  2. Cut cheese into ¼" cubes.
  3. Combine tuna, cheese, gherkins, celery, and skim milk mayonnaise; mix well.
  4. Cover bowl and chill 1 hour or longer.
  5. Serve on crisp lettuce, garnished with thin strips of green pepper.

Notes Edit

  1. When I can get red and yellow peppers at a decent price, I would use all three colors in the salad.

Nutritional information Edit

  • food exchanges pre serving: 1 medium-fat meat exchanges + 1 vegetable exchange
  • cal: 251; cho: 5g; pro: 23g; fat: 15g; sod: 552mg; cho: 113mg
  • low-sodium diets: substitute low-sodium cheese. omit salt from skim milk mayonnaise.

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