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Directions Edit

  1. Wash entrails well (turn inside out and rinse). Wash tripe well and leave to stand in salted water 1–2 hours. A few pieces of Onion can be added to water if desired Drain tripe and entrails well, cut into small pieces and mix.
  2. Grease and earthenware casserole with oil; place inside the prepared tripe and entrails, add salt as needed, add crushed bay leaf and red paprika, pour oil over it, and add some warm water. Bake in the oven preset at 175C pouring in some warm water at times. Baste while baking.
  3. When all ins tender, add chopped garlic mix, add more if needed, and bake on for a short time.
  4. This specialty can be served both as the main dish and as an appetizer with young vegetables (green onions, tomatoes, peppers, radishes).

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