Trifle bowl

Trifle bowl

A clear glass bowl, typically on a pedestal, that allows the layered appearance of brightly colored fruits and the rich ingredients of a trifle to be beautifully displayed. A trifle bowl, also known as a pedestal bowl or a glass footed trifle bowl, has straight sides that rise upward. Some designs of the bowls gradually increase in diameter as the sides extend up while others remain straight vertically without an increase in diameter. Typical sizes may be approximately 8 inches in diameter holding approximately 120 ounces in volume. Smaller versions, also referred to as small trifle bowls, may actually be more appropriately termed a trifle cup, since the volume held is considerably smaller than the traditional bowl. A trifle cup, which most often consists of a very small bowl supported by a single pedestal on a round base, appears to be simply a smaller version of the large bowl and is used to hold a trifle that is prepared as an individual serving.

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