Description Edit

Black Pudding

Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Cook the head, lungs, kidney and tongue of Pork until done.
  2. Save the water it was boiled in.
  3. Remove bones and grind.
  4. Grind and add: 2 cooked cabbages, 4 raw onions, 3 or 4 slices dry bread (soak in water meat was cooked in), 1˝ handful salt, a handful pepper and a small handful herbs.
  5. Add pig's blood (about 3/4 litre) and 3 or 4 cups water meat was cooked in and mix well.
  6. Fill casings with mixture.
  7. Then cook rings of Trèipen in boiling water in open kettle.
  8. Sausages are done when clear juice spurts out when they are punctured with needle.
  9. Hang sausages to cool.
  10. When ready to use, heat well in frying pan or in oven.

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