Torshi Lift

Torshi Lift

Description Edit

A delight to serve with grilled and roasted meats. Be patient and resist the temptation to open the jar before they are ready! Once opened they will keep for 4 – 6 weeks in a cool place, if they last that long!

Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Peel the turnips and cut in half.
  2. Peel the beetroot and slice thinly.
  3. Pack the turnips into sterilised jars alternating with layers of the beetroot, garlic and dates.
  4. Bring the water and the salt to boil and then add the vinegar.
  5. Pour over the vegetables making sure they are completely covered by the liquid. If there is not quite enough liquid add a little more vinegar and brine.
  6. Seal the jars and leave in the kitchen.
  7. Ready to eat in 10 – 12 days.

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