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Toaster Oven Cinnamon Toast

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Description Edit

Contributed by Jenn B aka Mom2Sam and Tiny at World Recipes Y-Group

  • Prep: 5 minutes | Cook: 5 minutes

Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Toast bread until golden and spread with butter.
  2. Combine remaining ingredients in a bowl.
  3. Spread mixture over buttered toast.
  4. Return to toaster or place under broiler 1-2 minutes or until glazed.

Nutritional information Edit

Per serving:

  • Calories 331 | fat 11.6g | 29% calories from fat | cholesterol 21 mg | protein 4.0g | carbohydrates 58.6g | fiber 0.4g | sugar 38.4g | sodium 278mg | diet points 8.0
  • Dietary exchanges: milk 0.0 | vegetable 0.0 | fruit 0.0 | bread 1.5 | lean meat 0.0 | fat 1.5 | sugar 1.9 | very lean meat protein 0.0

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