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Toasted Cornmeal Porridge

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Ingredients Edit

  1. 2 cups ablemamu (finely ground, roasted corn)
  2. 3-1/2 cups milk, hot
  3. 8 teaspoons brown sugar, or more, according to taste

Directions Edit

1 To make the ablemamu, dry-roast 2-1/2 cups ordinary popcorn kernels. Remove from the heat just before the popcorn begins to pop, then cool and grind until powdery and fine in a spice or coffee grinder. Cool overnight.

2 Place the ablemamu in 4 cereal bowls. In each bowl, pour in a portion of the hot milk and add some of the Sugar. Stir to mix thoroughly. It will thicken and swell to form a typical Tom Brown porridge. Sit back, smell it, tuck in, and...enjoy.

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