About Thai purple sticky rice Edit

Just like the name tells us, it was born in Thailand, and when it is cooked, it has a beautiful purple color and that is why we call it Purple Rice. Uncooked it looks like burnt brown rice. Also the name comes from its sticky texture. Known for its sweet flavor, it is very popular in China, there it can be bought in large and small quantities at almost every supermarket, being available in many varieties. Also in other regions it is known as black sticky rice, but the most popular name is the one from its color when cooked, purple. Thai black sticky rice can be eaten as a dessert, at top with sweet coconut milk, adding a special color and taste to any meal.

It can be served in many ways: with rambutan syrup, or coconut specialties like ice cream, but before that it has to be boiled in water until cooked. In Central Thailand, purple rice is mixed with white sticky rice, black beans, and coconut ingredients and roasted inside hollow sections of bamboo cane. Two important aspects of this kind of dessert are that it is not sweet and it's gluten-free making it very healthy to eat.

Thai purple sticky rice Recipes Edit

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