Description Edit

I had an unusual hot and sour soup at a taiwanese restaurant in detroit, and made a copy which follows.

Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. I start off with chicken broth, and when it is hot, I put in lemon grass and steep it like tea. While this is steeping, I add one or two tablespoons of Louisiana Hot Soss for the heat. When the broth is reasonably cool, I strain it, and put it back in the pot. Oh yes, while I am letting the grass steep, I prepare julienne strips of white meat of Chicken, sliced Mushrooms, pea pods, scallions and a little bit of bean sprouts. Then I reheat the broth to a boil, and immediately take it off of the heat and put in the rest of the ingredients. In less than a minute, the soup is ready for serving. salt to taste.

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