Tia Maria

Name Variations Edit

  • Tia Maria

About Tía Maria Edit

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Tia Maria is the brand name of an alcoholic drink. Produced by the industry giant Allied Domecq, Tia Maria is a "liqueur spirit" which resembles a coffee liqueur such as Kahlúa, which is also produced by Allied. Unlike Kahlúa, Tia Maria is made in Jamaica using Jamaican blue mountain coffee beans. It can be consumed pure and on the rocks, but is also frequently used as an ingredient for cocktails, with coffee, or in desserts (such as the layered liqueur-whipped-cream-and-cookie confection known as Tia Maria torte). It is an ingredient in the popular cocktail called the terry. This consists of orange juice and tia maria.

Based on Rum, this dark brown Jamaican liqueur has a strong coffee flavor. 26.5 per cent alcohol by volume.

Tía Maria Recipes Edit

Tía Maria Drink RecipesEdit

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