Swiss cheese Soup

In 3 Quart Pan, Bring Stock to Boil. in Smaller Pan, Heat The 1/2 Cup butter Until Melted And Sizzling. Add flour All at Once, Stirring With Wooden Spoon And Cooking Until Mixture is Like Paste, About 2 to 3 Minutes. Gradually Add Roux to Stock, Whisking Constantly; Simmer For 1 Hour, Then Strain Through a Fine Sieve Into a Bowl or a Measuring Container With a Pour Spout. Clean Pan. Return Strained Stock to Pan And Bring to Boil. in Another 3 Quart Pan, Put The Pieces of Room Temperature butter, Cream, egg Yolks, And Parmesan cheese. Whisk Until Mixed. Very Gradually Add The Boiling Stock, Whisking Constantly. Heat But do Not Boil, or egg Yolks Will Curdle. Just Before Serving, Add The Swiss cheese, Stirring Until Mixed. Ladle Into Warmed Soup Bowls.

Serves 6

Source: my Old Recipes

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