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Sweete stevia sweetener

Sweete Stevia Sweetener

Description Edit

According to the Sweete website, Sweete Stevia Sweetener is a "naturally grown, zero calorie Stevia plant extract". The product is manufactured by Weider Global Nutrition of Salt Lake City, Utah. Each 1.75 ounce box contains 50 sachets and retails for $7.49.Stevia is often used as a natural alternative to artificial sweetners like Equal, Splenda and Sweet 'n Low. Supermarket guru Phil Lempert remarks that Sweete's stevia product tastes like sugar, but has a grainier texture.[1]

This product doesn't exhibit some of the less appealing properties of most Stevia-based sweeteners: a slower onset of sweetness, a more lingering sweetness than that of sugar and a bitter licorice aftertaste. Sweete uses two extracts to combat these properties: stevioside and Rebaudioside-A. Sweete's Stevia Sweetener also contains maltodextrin and unidentified flavors.

Source Edit

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