Sweet onion

About sweet onions Edit

Onion is a vegetable, which belongs to the lily family of plants, that is grown for its edible bulb, which most often serves to flavor a variety of foods. Onions are categorized as being either green or dry onions. The dry onions can be classified as either sweet or storage onions and are most often sold as a red, yellow or white onion. Sweet onions, which contain a higher water content but a lower sulfur content, spoil quickly and are less pungent than other varieties. They are most often eaten raw or only lightly cooked.

Sweet onion varieties Edit

Common varieties of sweet onions include:

  • Arizona onion
  • Carzalia sweet
  • Florida Sweet
  • Granex
  • Maui
  • sweet Imperial
  • Oso sweet
  • Texas spring sweets
  • Spring onions
  • Vidalias
  • Walla Wallas
  • Texas 1015

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