Sushi is a Japanese specialty based on shari rice, a boiled rice flavored with sushi meshi, a mix of sweetened Rice Vinegar. Once cooled, the rice has a glossy sheen and separates easily. There is a wide variety of sushi, including nigiri sushi (thin slices of raw fish seasoned with wasabi, a type of green horseradish, and wrapped around or layered with shari rice), hosomaki (thin sushi rolls) and futomaki (thick sushi rolls). To make these rolls, various chopped vegetables, raw fish, pickles, Tofu, etc. are enclosed in shari rice and wrapped in thin sheets of nori (seaweed). The rolls are then cut into slices. Sushi are designed to be finger food and can be served as appetizers, snacks or as a full meal. soy sauce is often served with sushi for dipping, and it is often accompanied by a small portion of wasabi and a small mound of gari (pickled ginger slices).

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Hippy Gourmet makes Veggie Sushi!07:07

Hippy Gourmet makes Veggie Sushi!

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