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Directions Edit

  1. Clean and boil fish in 8 cups of water until is done, about 10–15 minutes.
  2. Take fish out of pan and add the Beef.
  3. Thaw and rinse okra.
  4. Add okra to pan.
  5. Pull fish from bones and put into pot.
  6. Keep boiling the water and add onions, fresh hot pepper, maggi cubes, salt and curry.
  7. Boil the superkanja until it thickens and has about one cup of water left.
  8. Add red palm oil and turn down heat to medium.
  9. Continue to cook as stirring.
  10. Superkanja will be done when palm oil comes to the top.
  11. Instead of using fresh fish you can save yourself time and use filet of fish.
  12. Gambians enjoy the palm oil, however, this may be changed to your liking.
  13. After the palm oil reaches the top you may serve it over cooked rice.

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