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Directions Edit

  1. First prepare the filling - pour boiling water over the grouts and add half of the sauerkraut, thinly cut. Then add the oil and 2 coffee-cupfuls of warm water and stew the sauerkraut in a covered pot on a slow fire. Season it with the savoury, the pepper and the red pepper.
  2. Stuff the poultry with this filling and sow it up with a scalded white thread. Lay the rest of the sauerkraut, also thinly cut, on the bottom of the pot you are going to cook in, and put the poultry on top.
  3. Pour water and sauerkraut juice in equal proportions, to cover 2/3 of the poultry's height with the liquid. (If you have no sauerkraut juice available, pour only water.) Before putting the lid of the pot, cover it with white paper.
  4. Stew on slow fire until the meat gets tender. Serve this dish with a salad of roasted or pickled peppers. You can also garnish it with pickled cucumbers or stewed carrots.

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