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Suckling pig in Aspic - Fierkelsjhelli

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Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Take 500 grammes of suckling pig bones, the feet, and some rind.
  2. Add 6 carrots, 6 onions, 4 bulbs of garlic, thyme, laurel, a bunch of parsley, salt, pepper, and 2 litres of dry white wine (Riesling or Elbling).
  3. Boil on a small flame for some 3 hours.
  4. Take out the bones.
  5. Add to the bouillon, the ribs, and thickly cut pieces of shoulder of the suckling pig.
  6. Return to a slow flame for another hour.
  7. Take out the meat and arrange in bowls.
  8. Filter the jelly, and clear it by boiling with a mixture of egg white and some herbs, while whisking energetically.
  9. Filter and pour over the meat.
  10. Cool before serving.

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