Ingredients Edit

  1. 1 ea Pork (pig) leg
  2. 1 ea average Chicken
  3. 2 ea bay leaves
  4. 5 ea pepper Peas
  5. 1 ea large carrot
  6. salt to taste
  7. water

Directions Edit

Clean the leg (we have a special name for this part of the pig, but I couldn't find in English) very well. Pour hot water into the pan (2 l water for every 1 kg meat). Put the leg and a Chicken into the pan and cook during 4–5 hours on the little fire without boiling. 1 hour before preparedness chop a carrot finely and add it, pepper, salt, bay leaves into the pan. When the meat is detached freely from the bones, take it out of the pan. Detach the meat and slice it. Strain the broth. Put meat and carrot rounds on the dish (it must not be very large and very deep, use some dishes for Studen). Pour the broth. Let Studen cool down and harden in the fridge for a night. Studen is served with mustard, hot ketchup.

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