Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Combine strawberries, ⅓-cup sugar, and amaretto in a bowl; stir well.
  2. Cover and chill 30 minutes. Drain, reserving juice for another use.
  3. Combine sour cream, whipped topping, 2 tablespoons sugar, and cinnamon in a bowl; stir well.
  4. Cover and chill.
  5. Arrange tortilla wedges on 2 baking sheets; lightly coat with cooking spray.
  6. Sprinkle evenly with cinnamon-sugar. Bake at 400 °F for 7 minutes or until crisp.
  7. Cool on wire rack.
  8. To serve, arrange 8 tortilla wedges on a serving plate; top with about ⅓ cup strawberry mixture and 2½ tablespoons sour cream mixture.
  9. Sprinkle with almonds and chocolate. Yield: 6 servings.

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