Name Variations Edit

  • spaetzle
  • spätzle
  • spatzele
  • spetzli

About Spaetzle Edit

Wikipedia Article About Spaetzle on Wikipedia

Spätzle (German, sometimes explained as being a diminutive of Spatz "small sparrows") are similar to noodles and much used in southern Germany, western Austria, Switzerland, Alsace and sometimes also in Italy (there they are named "Troffi"). They are fabricated by grating or scraping dough into boiling water and continuously sieving out the batches that are cooked. The dough is a simple affair, consisting of eggs, flour, and salt. Some Spätzle recipes also contain milk or water.

The classic variety are "button" Spätzle (Knöpfle), which are lentil-shaped. If the dough is of firmer consistency, elongated (more noodle-like) Spätzle may be formed. This is the variety that can be purchased dried and packaged.

Spaetzle Recipes Edit

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