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Soup mixes are a wonderful gift from the kitchen for college students, grandparents, young married couples or anyone that is new to cooking. The following combinations can be placed in jars; 1 cup of beans to each jar with a seasoning packet.

Gift Ideas: Line a wicker basket with one or two red bandanas. Place in a jar the beans and the seasoning packet, put on the lid and tie with natural raffia, using a hot glue gun carefully glue several small dried hot peppers to the raffia bow, or thread floral wire through the peppers and attach to lid. In the basket you can include two bags of cornbread mix, a bottle ofhot pepper sauce (I like the brands with fun names), bowls and if you wish, a cast iron cornbread pan.

  • Contributed by Catsrecipes Y-Group

Ingredients Edit

Seasoning packet Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Stir together beans and split into four bags or jars with one cup in each.
  2. Stir together seasoning and divide equally into 4 small plastic bags.
  3. To give place in basket or gift bag with the recipe for Southwestern Bean Soup.

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