Southwest Scramble

Serves 4

8 eggs (or 4 eggs and 1 cup egg substitute) 1/4 cup nonfat or low-fat milk 2 tsp. chili powder 2 tbsp. canola or olive oil 1/2 cup Mexican-style low-fat or regular shredded or crumbled cheese 3/4 cup mild bottled or fresh salsa One (16 oz.) can refried beans, heated Flour or corn tortillas, warmed

Put the eggs, milk, and chili powder in a bowl and whisk lightly. Heat the oil in a nonstick frying pan. Add the egg mixture. Cook the eggs, moving them around with a spatula or wooden spoon, and folding and lifting them as they set. Stir in the shredded cheese. Continue cooking the eggs until they are set but still moist. Spoon the eggs onto individual plates and top with the salsa. Serve hot with the refried beans and warm tortillas on the side.

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