About Sour-mash whiskey Edit

And all sour mash is bourbon whiskey but not all bourbon is sour mash.

Sour mash is the name for a process in the distilling industry that uses material from an older batch of mash to start fermentation in the batch currently being made, analogous to the making of sourdough bread. The term sour mash can also be used as the name of the type of mash used in that process, and a whiskey made using this process can be referred to as a sour mash whiskey. Sour mash does not refer to the flavor of the whiskey, as is sometimes thought.

Sour mash whiskey brands Edit

  • Ancient Age
  • Basil Hayden's
  • Distiller's Pride
  • Evan Williams
  • Ezra Brooks
  • George Dickel
  • Jack Daniel's
  • Jim Beam (bourbon)
  • Knob Creek
  • Maker's Mark
  • Old Crow
  • Old Fitzgerald
  • PennyPacker
  • Rebel Yell
  • Ten High
  • Wild Turkey
  • Woodford Reserve
  • Elijah Craig

Sour-mash whiskey Recipes Edit

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