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Highly alcoholic sweet treats for the Holiday season. Makes 30 rum balls.



  • Soak Sultanas in rum, 4–8 hours
  • Crush Weet-Bix cereal to sub-pea size
  • Add rum + Sultanas mix, result is quite moist
  • Stir thoroughly and refrigerate, 4–8 hours
  • Form into ping-pong ball sized balls
  • Roll in extra coconut
  • Freeze until time to serve
  • Each ball is approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of a "standard drink", so put a warning on the container and keep out of reach of children


  • Scale the recipe up according to how much rum you have. Go on, use the whole 1.25 litre duty-free bottle (makes 100)!
  • Add nuts and the like. Crush them.
  • Try other spirits: brandy, whisky.
  • Try other cereals. corn flakes and tequila for a Mexican version?

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