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Seasoned Butters

garlic butter:

Into 1/4 Lb. butter, Blend 1 to 2 cloves garlic, Finely Minced. Add, if Desired, Fresh Grated Parmesan cheese, Minced parsley And/Or oregano And Herb salt.Blue Cheese butter:

Blend 1/4 Cup Crumbled Blue Cheese or to Taste, Into 1/4 Lb. butter. Add brandy And Worcestershire And Form Into Logs. Roll in Cracked Black PeppercornsGreen Onion butter:

Cook 2 T. Minced White of green onion in 2 T. butter Until Soft. Whirl in Blender With 3 green onion Tops, Chopped, And 2 T. water. Whip Into 1/2 Lb. ButterCurry butter:

Saut? 2 T. Minced Shallots in 2 T. butter Until Soft. Bend Into 1/4 Lb. butter With curry Powder to Taste.Source: my Old Recipes

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