Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Fry the onions with a generous amount of oil in a medium pot.
  2. While they are browning, pour a bowl full of water and squish the tomatoes into the water to make a juice.
  3. Let tomato mixture sit awhile.
  4. Add garlic to onions.
  5. When onions are opaque and slightly brown, pour tomato water into pot.
  6. Add eggplant, hot peppers and bouillon to taste.
  7. Boil until the eggplant is soft enough to smash and most of the water has boiled off.
  8. Smash the mixture with a fork or puree in a food processor.
  9. The finished product should be about the consistency of applesauce.
  10. If it is too thin, boil more water off.
  11. Salt to taste.
  12. If a more tomatoey sauce is desired, add about one to two tablespoons of tomato paste.