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1 The book says to put one cup of water into a small saucepan, pour 2 cups of granulated sugar into the water, heat the water and Sugar on the stove over a medium heat, continue stirring until the Sugar melts, keep adding Sugar and stirring until it melts, stop adding Sugar when you see that it will no longer dissolve in the water (that is until you see Sugar lying on the bottom of the saucepan). 2 Remove the pot from the stove, let the liquid cool until it is just warm. 3 Pour the liquid into a clean glass jar. 4 Tie one end of a piece of heavy cord around the middle of a pencil. 5 Place the pencil over the top of the glass jar letting the cord fall into the liquid. 6 Crystals will begin to form in a few hours. 7 The next day, remove the cord from the jar, pour the Sugar liquid back into the saucepan, reheat and cool it just as you did before. 8 Pour the liquid back into the jar and reinsert the cord with the crystals into it. 9 More crystals will form. 10 If you repeat this procedure every day the crystal candy will grow bigger and bigger. 11 When it has reached a size that pleases you, snip off any excess string and enjoy.

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