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Raspberry Cordial

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raspberry Cordial

Combine raspberries, sugar And water in a Medium Pan; Cook Mixture Over Medium High Heat Until sugar Dissolves. Bring Mixture to a Boil; Reduce Heat And Simmer 5 Minutes. Remove Mixture From Heat; Let Cool. Pour raspberry Mixture Into a 1 Gallon Jar. Add brandy And Stir Well. Cover Mixture Tightly And Store in a Dark Place at Room Temperature at Least 2 Weeks. Shake Jar Gently Once Daily. Pour Mixture Through a Wire Mesh Strainer Lined With 2 Layers of Cheesecloth Into a Glass Container With a Lid, Discarding raspberries. Cover Tightly Store at Room Temperature. Use in Beverages Trifles or Sauce. Makes 4 3/4 Cups Cordial.

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