Name Variations Edit

  • ramp
  • wild leek
  • Tennessee truffle

About Ramps Edit

This wild onion grows from Canada to the Carolinas and resembles a Scallion with broad leaves. Also known as wild leek, ramp has an assertive, garlicky-onion flavor. It can be found-usually only in specialty produce markets-from March to June. Choose those that are firm with bright-colored greenery. Wrap tightly in a plastic bag and refrigerate for up to a week. Trim the root ends just before using. Though the flavor of a ramp is slightly stronger than the Leek, Scallion or Onion, it can be used-raw or cooked-in many dishes as a substitute for any of those three.

The Miami/Illinois Indian word "chicagoua"-meaning, "skunk" was used to describe the odoriferous ramp growing area we now call, "Chicago." (ref:

Ramps Recipes Edit

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