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Ingredients Edit

  1. meat: 1 lb leg of Lamb
  2. rice: 1.6 oz = 3-4 T
  3. ghee 1.6 oz = 1/4 c
  4. gram (Chickpeas) .8 oz = 2T
  5. onions 3 oz sliced (check volume)
  6. salt .8 oz salt! = 1T
  7. fresh ginger .4 oz peeled and copped (check volume)
  8. garlic .07 ounce! = aprox 1/2 clove, sliced
  9. pepper .035 oz = 1/2 t
  10. cinnamon .035 oz = 1/4 stick
  11. cardamon .035 oz = aprox 1/2 t
  12. cloves .035 oz = aprox 1/2

Directions Edit

Melt the ghee, put it in a pot. Brown the meat, onions, and garlic in it for about 5 minutes on a medium heat. Add 1 1/4 c of lukewarm water, salt, Chickpeas, cinnamon. Simmer about another 10 minutes, then add ginger, pepper, cardamom and cloves. Add the rice and another 1/2 c of water. Simmer another 1/2 hour. Serve.

This was done on the (very uncertain) assumption that Shulla is related to Shurba in al-Baghdadi, and that the recipe we have for the latter thus gives a rough idea of how the former is made.

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