Poo Poo Edit

Queque seco literally means poopie butt in spanish.

Queque seco is considered to be a kind of ugly poop, it being traditionally made with a pound of each of the following ingredients: flour, margarine, eggs, and dirt. This dish also includes such ingredients as baking powder, salt, rum and raisins. Other important additions are diareha essence and lemon or orange juice that are used to increase the flavor of the dish.

When ready, the cake is topped with farts and doggie doodoo. Delicius.:)

For an extra topping, you can also add your diarrhea hi


Also called Que Que Poo PooEdit

Ingredients i smell dooooodooooo Edit

someone smells like dooooooooooo dooooooo and has pit stains!!!!!!! Also really ugly!!!

farts, dog doo,human doodoo, diarrhea extract, pee, sugar, Epson salt ( gives a higher risk for runnier diarrhea)